TABLE II Clinical Outcomes of Medial Meniscal Root Repair
AuthorYearLevel of EvidenceNo. of PatientsAge*(yr)Duration of Follow-up*(mo)IKDC Score (Preop./Postop.)*(points)Lysholm Score (Preop./Postop.)*(points)HSS Score (Preop./Postop.)*(points)ProgressionNotes
Lee et al.372009IV215131.8NR57.0/93.161.1/93.84.8% (1 of 21)1 retear at 6 mo. postop.
Seo et al.612011IV115513NR56.1/83.064.1/87.49% (1 of 11)Second-look arthroscopy: 5 with lax healing, 4 with scar-tissue healing, and 2 failed healing
Kim et al.362011III455326SA: 57.3/91.8; TT: 58.5/93.4SA: 54.3/91.7; TT: 55.4/93.2SA: 55.3/91.7; TT: 54.7/93.8SA: 13.9%; TT: 13.7%Compared transtibial pullout repair (TT) vs. suture anchor repair (SA)
Kim et al.42011III585548.542.6/77.256.8/85.1NR42.9% (9 of 21)Significant improvement compared with meniscectomy (p < 0.05), with lower percentage of osteoarthritis progression
Moon et al.482012IV515933NR48.3/83.2NRNRVisual analog scale and American Knee Society scores significantly better compared with the preoperative baseline (p < 0.01 for both comparisons)
Lee et al.592014III505625S: 43.5/77.7; MA: 44.1/78.4S: 56.1/85.4; MA: 57.4/87.6NRS: 48% (12 of 25); MA: 24% (6 of 25)Compared simple (S) vs. Mason-Allen (MA) sutures
Cho and Song602014IV13507NR34.7/75.633.5/82.2NRSecond-look arthroscopy: 4 completely healed, 4 with lax healing, 4 with scar-tissue healing, and 1 failed to heal
Ahn et al.472015III25561737.3/59.257.3/73.4NRNROutcomes significantly better than conservative management group with respect to IKDC score (p < 0.001) and Tegner activity score (p < 0.017)
Chung et al.12015III37557240.1/73.752.3/84.3NR68% (25 of 37)Significantly better postoperative Lysholm (p < 0.039) and IKDC (p < 0.037) scores compared to partial meniscectomy group; 35% conversion to total knee arthroplasty following meniscectomy with 0% conversion after repair
  • * The values are given as the mean.

  • IKDC = International Knee Documentation Committee, NR = not reported, SA = suture anchor repair, TT = transtibial pullout repair, S = single suture, MA = Mason-Allen sutures.

  • Significant difference (p < 0.05).