TABLE III MOCART (Magnetic Resonance Observation of Cartilage Repair Tissue)
Degree of defect repair and filling of defect
  ≥50% of adjacent cartilage10
  <50% of adjacent cartilage5
 Subchondral bone exposed0
Repair tissue structure
Repair tissue surface
  <50% depth of repair tissue5
  ≥50% depth of repair tissue (or total degeneration)0
Repair tissue signal intensity
 Dual T2 fast spin echo
  Moderately hyperintense5
  Markedly hyperintense0
 3D gradient echo fat-suppressed
  Moderately hypointense5
  Markedly hypointense0
Peripheral integration to the border zone
  Demarcating border seen10
  Defect visible
   <50% length of repair tissue5
   ≥50% length of repair tissue0
Subchondral lamina
 Not intact0
Subchondral bone
 Not intact0