Reports of MRSA SSTIs Among High School Football Players*

PopulationYear(s)No. of Athletes InfectedInfection Site(s)Comments
High school football players (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)54200313 (14.4%) of 90Arm, elbow, forearm, knee, leg, face, neck, and abdomen
  • Playing a lineman position carried a fourfold greater likelihood of infection than playing other positions

High school football players (Illinois)5520044 players (team size unknown)NR
  • 4 cases of MSSA infection were reported in 4 football players, 1 of whom was hospitalized

  • All 4 players reported wearing a game or practice uniform as many as 11 times without laundering the uniform between uses during the season

High school football players (Brooklyn, New York)5620076 (10.2%) of 59NR
  • 3 cases involved abscesses that required incision and drainage

  • The team had attended a preseason football training camp, where all 59 players on the team lived together in the school gymnasium

  • The risk for MRSA infection was 8 times higher among those who reported sharing towels during the training camp than among those who did not

  • The 6 players with MRSA infections had a mean BMI that was significantly higher than that for those who were not infected

  • * NR = not reported.